Past Projects

EAASV (Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley)

Before I redesigned EAASV’s website,, it looked plain, cluttered, unorganized, difficult to navigate, had broken images, and had links you had to copy and paste by hand instead of clicking on. After less than fifteen hours of hard work, their website had drastically improved. Their website now had a SSL certificate to make their website secure, a stylish and modern design, an easy to navigate menu, a buy/sell page, a photo gallery, a videos page, a resources page, and a contact form which had a captcha to prevent bots. Ben White, a senior member of EAASV said, “Meni took an outdated, unmaintainable web site for our non-profit organization, and totally re-vamped it. Now it looks modern and is much easier for our volunteer staff to make minor edits. Meni also did a great job of telling us up front what the options are, and what to expect in terms of cost.”

ASKA Drive & Fly By NFT Inc.

NFT Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup that is developing electric flying cars. At NFT Inc., I edited video content, created graphic designs, improved website SEO, and organized a campaign to gather NFT Inc. investors. It was very exciting to be part of the future of technology. I highly recommend investing and/or working at NFT Inc.

Here is a video I edited for NFT Inc.’s Investor Campaign

Here is an example of the graphic design I worked on for NFT Inc.