Website Design & Development

Hourly Rate is Negotiable

I specialize in web design and web development. I have years of experience with HTML, CSS,  Javascript, PHP, website builders, and SEO. I am proficient in English and have good communication. I believe in the saying “the customer is always right” and try to make my customer’s as satisfied as possible.

Graphic Design

Hourly Rate is Negotiable

I have years of experience with graphic design. I tend to prefer Adobe applications such as Adobe photoshop, Adobe animate, and Adobe InDesign for graphic design. I can develop proffessional graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, websites, and more.

Video Editing

Hourly Rate is Negotiable

I am an expert in video design. I have turned 4 hours of boring content into less than 5 eye-catching content. I prefer to use Adobe Premiere Pro for Video Editing. I am thorough and pay attention to detail, have knowledge of media production and communication, have the ability to work well with others, have knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware, and software, am flexible and open to change, and have the ability to use my initiative.